I was invited as a sound artist to collaborate with the soundtrack of the “The Sky Commodified”, a hybrid workshop/documentary film convened in the small town of San Pedro de Atacama. The project seeked to reflect on the complex relationship we have with the sky and stars. 

ALMA Observatory. Photo: NKA.

Trailer for the film 'The Sky Commodified'. Video: Locument.

Original music for the documentary. Other contributors include Carlos Cabezas, Nicole L'Huillier, and Eric Maltz.

Photos: NKA.
Photos: NKA / Maya Shopova.

Photo: Aaron Powers.

Photo: Gary Zhexi Zhang.

Acknowledgments: Locument, Francisco Lobo, Romea Muryń, Maya Shopova, Aaron Powers, Dijana Milenov, Gary Zhexi Zhang, Kevin Marblestone, Jaya Alba Eyzaguirre, Prathima Muniyappa, Nicole L'Huillier, Diego Cabezas, Dubi Cano Reyes, Carlos Cabezas, Eric Maltz.
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