My sound machines have participated in adventures, presentations, performances, workshops, installations, and protests, always conceived as open instances of research-in-development and not concluded work. These experiments usually give rise to questions that inform new experiments and machines.

Momoprot @ Valparaíso 2020 w/ Tsonami Arte Sonoro
January, 2020
Residency / Protest. Machine: Momoprot.
Ícaro Aéreo, a collaboration with Rawa
November, 2019
Performance / Music. Machines: Speaker Tower.
The Sky Commodified @ The Atacama Desert
January, 2019
Workshop / Docummentary / Music. Machines: Recording Equipment.
Instruments of Protest @ The February School
February, 2019
Workshop / Protest. Machines: Speaker Tower.
Venice Biennial 2018: Swamp Radio @ The Swamp Pavilion
May, 2018
Installation / Performance. Machines: Speaker Tower, Recording Equipment.
Experiments with Noise Robots and other Sound Machines
May, 2018
Performance. Machines: Speaker Wheel #2, Speaker Tower, Cajón Robot, Noise Robot, Megaphone Robot.
Design Indaba 2018
February, 2018
Presentation / Talk. Machines: Modular Rhythm Machine, Speaker Wheel #1, Speaker Wheel #2.
Dutch Design Week: Antenna 2017
October, 2017
Presentation / Talk. Machines: Modular Rhythm Machine.
Ars Electronica 2017
September, 2017
Installation / Machine Performance. Machines: Modular Rhythm Machine.
Sirenas: A Public Noise Performance
May, 2017
Performance. Machines: Speaker Wheel #2.
Primero de Mayo | International Workers' Day @ Boston
May, 2017
Protest. Machines: Speaker Wheel #1.
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