My sound machines act as vehicles to conduct research and experience the connection between public space, power, technology, and sound. They allow me to engage with the world through an extended hybrid body, both biological and technological.

Dispositivo de Realidad Mutada–DRM
May, 2022
Mutated reality device built as an inhabitable ambisonic sculpture.
Momoprot–Módulo Móvil de Protesta
January, 2020
Mobile protest module and pirate radio.
Speaker Tower
December, 2017
An instrument of protest and an instrument of peace.
Speaker Wheel #2
May, 2017
Heavy-duty metallic wheel with loudspeakers and electronics.
Speaker Wheel #1
March, 2017
Collective project that explores the physics of moving sound.
Modular Rhythm Machine–MRM
December, 2016
Dozens of self-playing wooden drum modules.
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