The Momoprot was created in January 2020 to engage with the national protests that began in Chile in October 2019. It is a mobile protest module built using old paint buckets, a shopping cart, and an old bicycle. Equipped with a pirate FM radio station and a PA system, it works as a tool of collective rhythmic expression and transmission. Upcoming and pending is a construction manual to fully transform the Momoprot into an open-source design, available to everyone but fascists or their sympathizers. 
Built as part of the Tsonami B.A.S.E. residency in Valparaíso, Chile.

Photo: Pablo Saavedra.

Photo: Pablo Saavedra

Photo: Pablo Saavedra

Fabrication process. Video: NKA.

Fabrication process. Photos: NKA

Telefonica corporate building near Plaza Italia, Santiago de Chile. Video: NKA.

Acknowledgemnts: Tsonami Arte Sonoro, Pablo Saavedra, Fernando Godoy, Paola Ruz del Canto, Cathy Ruiz, Pésimo Servicio.
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